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Brisbane Aluminum handrails are very strong guardrails and railings. Brisbane Aluminum handrail is made with one of the hardest and most durable metal alloys that humans have ever discovered and produced. Brisbane Aluminum handrails in the form of pipes and profiles are painted and anodized in a very precise and engineered process and become stainless and durable fences. The variety of designs and colors of Brisbane Aluminum handrails are so much that they can be coordinated with the exterior and interior decoration of any building and create a beautiful and modern look for you.

Brisbane Aluminum handrails are secure and decorative fences made of 6060 and 6063 aluminum materials. Aluminum handrails in the process of painting and anodizing are in the form of pipes and profiles resistant to moisture and humidity. This type of fence with a variety of colors can satisfy any taste and add a sense of modernity and freshness to the decoration of the building and secure the stairs and balconies.

Aluminum railings are fabricated in a regular and standard process, made of aluminum ingots in the form of durable aluminum profiles or tubes to achieve a specific design by combining various colors. Aluminum railings have not been very popular in the past because it was mistakenly believed that aluminum is fragile and cannot be used as a fence, but over time, aluminum railings have been welcomed because of their tensile strength.

The uses of Brisbane aluminum handrails

Aluminum handrails are new stair and wood protection systems with a variety of designs and colors. The Brisbane aluminum handrails are made in a precise and engineered process that increases the strength and durability of aluminum. By anodizing aluminum railings, you can stabilize their color and resistance to pressure. Aluminum railings fittings with a variety of colors can be coordinated with the design of any building. Aluminum railings do not have the disadvantages of old wooden, iron or stone fences and do not require regular repairing.

To determine the price of aluminum handrails, you must pay attention to the quality of fences and fittings, because if these fittings are made of poor quality materials, there is a possibility of breakage in fencing components. The color of the aluminum railing also affects the price of the aluminum railing. Another factor to consider when calculating the price of an aluminum fence is the number of pipes or horizontal and vertical profiles between the fences. If different colors are used in the construction of aluminum railings, the final cost for this project will be more expensive.

The advantages of Brisbane aluminum handrails

  • The advantages and specifications of aluminum railings are as follows:
  • High strength against tensile, pressure, and impact
  • Variety in design and color
  • High resistance to rot and erosion
  • Variety in installation methods
  • Fast installation
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Lightweight yet stiff and high strength
  • Ability to use components and parts with different colors
  • No discoloration and permanent resistance to rust
  • No need for painting and plating Brisbane aluminum handrails such as steel and iron fences