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Brisbane Stair handrails limit the height of the railing to a minimum level of 900 mm. The maximum is 1100 mm. This range is the key to safe movement on the stairs because this is the height that is comfortable for a person. If the width of the steps is 1250 mm, it is advisable to install Brisbane Stair handrails only on the outside of the stairs for safety. Two people can move up such stairs at the same time. For greater convenience, it is appropriate to install an additional base element on the wall for marches, the width of which is from 1250 to 2500 mm.

Families with children are recommended to install an auxiliary handrail together with the stairs. Usually, its height is lower than standard, but it is convenient for children, they can move safely up the stairs.

Stair railings must be securely fastened. Such structures must withstand a load of 100 kg per meter of length. Brisbane Stair handrail elements can withstand such a load, provided that the distance between the pedestals will not exceed 1500 mm.

Railings, which are located on both sides of the stairs, should be placed on the same level parallel to each other. This does not apply to handrails that are installed for the safe movement of children.

The support elements must be installed on both sides of the stairs if the march runs between walls and partitions. In an enclosed space, when the distance between the walls is more than 1000 mm, it will be much safer and more comfortable to move if the handrails are installed on both sides. The surface of Brisbane Stair handrails is flat and smooth so that people do not injure their hands when moving up the stairs.

Since handrails do not receive such significant loads as steps, you can choose almost any type of wood. Although, if you want the Brisbane Stair handrails to serve you for a long time and not lose their original attractive appearance, it is recommended to install stainless steel balustrades. Brisbane Stair handrails can withstand temperature changes; it is resistant to moisture too.

Brisbane Stair handrails material

A variety of materials are used to make Brisbane Stair handrails. The most common are the following: wood, metal, glass, granite, marble, concrete, brick, ceramics, and their combinations.

The durability of stairs and their safety depends on the correct choice of material. Particular attention should be paid to the material of the steps because they can withstand the greatest load.

Steps must be resistant to abrasion and mechanical and environmental influences – temperature, humidity, solar radiation, etc.

Wooden Brisbane Stair handrails

We can make different objects from wood. In addition, this natural material can be combined with others – metals of different types and so on. At the same time, metal structures look more attractive, thanks to elements made of natural materials. One of the elements of stair structures is handrails. But if you choose Wooden Brisbane Stair handrails, remember that they must match the color scheme. This combination has an aesthetically pleasing look and harmoniously fits into the interior, which is created using natural wood products.