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Benefits of a Spiral Staircase

Since spiral stairs are compact, they take up less room than the traditional staircase. Their stacked design means that the space beneath the stairs is fully utilized as well. Traditionally, spiral staircases are also a more affordable alternative than a standard staircase. Keep in mind that the more gradual the climb, the more space the stairs will take up. Generally, the fewer the number of treads and the tighter the spiral, the steeper the climb. Spiral staircases can turn either clockwise or counterclockwise to fit the needs of the space.

Spiral Staircase Order at Brisbane

A spiral staircase adds architectural interest and space-saving benefits to any room. These compact stairs come in a wide range of style options and allow for convenient access to a second floor, a loft, or even a storage area. They come in a wide range of available style and finish options, making it easy to find one that is perfectly in line with your design aesthetic. Choosing the Right Spiral Staircase Kit Spiral staircases are available in easy-to-assemble kits, making installation a fun and rewarding DIY project.

Most interior spiral staircase kits fit standard size spaces and are easy to assemble. You can even find additional risers to increase the height as well as other spare parts like wooden stair treads and fluted edging. If you’re installing outside, a metal spiral staircase can be a stylish exterior exit from a building that won’t take up too much space. As with any construction project at your home or business, be sure to check all building codes before installing a new spiral staircase.

Factors to Consider

Height A spiral staircase’s height will define several factors of the design. Obviously, this is the most important measurement for safety reasons. You want to ensure that your stair’s top platform will be even with the floor. This measurement will also determine the number of individual steps. To figure out how many steps you need, divide your stair’s total height by the riser height, or space between each step. Once you’ve found the number of steps, you can calculate your rotation. Most spiral stairs use a 30-degree rotation, this means that each stair rotates around the center column at a 30-degree angle. To find your stair’s full rotation, multiple the number of steps by your rotation angle.

For instance, if you have a staircase with 12 steps, you’ll have a full 360-degree rotation, whereas a 9 step stair would only have a 270-degree rotation. Diameter Because they are round stairs, a spiral staircase’s diameter can be simply defined as the width of the stair. This is an important factor of design because it will determine whether or not your staircase fits into your space.

The smallest diameter Salter Spiral Stair offers is a 3’6 ”diameter which then increases in 6” intervals, i.e.: 3’6 ”, 4’, 4’6 ”, 5’, and so on. When considering your stair diameter it is important to consider building codes, what you plan on using the staircase for, and who is using the staircase. Residential, commercial, indoor, or outdoor applications all have different factors to consider when selecting the diameter of your staircase.

Outdoor Stair Designs

The clean lines complement any deck or patio design that you may have in your backyard. Our Galvanized Steel spiral stair is a cost-effective and durable option for your outdoor space. The carbon steel frame goes through a hot-dipped galvanizing process that coats every part of the stair, from the individual steps to the handrail and spindle connection. The finished product is a metallic silver finish that gives your stair an industrial look.