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Brisbane internal handrails 

The second floor in the house must have internal handrails. You should select your desired internal handrails from a variety of handrails for the stairs. This enclosed structure sets the style of your house. Brisbane internal handrails are very important elements for creating a harmonious interior.

Structural elements of Brisbane internal handrails 

Railing for stairs is necessary for safer use, as they are a protective structure that prevents damage. Usually, Brisbane internal handrails consist of many elements:

Support columns are a mandatory part of the structure, they are installed at the beginning and the end of each step, and they must be strong, securely fixed as they carry the main load.

The handrail is the structure that connects the tops of the support columns and serves as support during going up and down. Handrails can also be attached from the second side – to the wall. Such double handrails are used in a step width of more than 120 cm. The height of the handrail should be at least 90 cm; the maximum height should be 100-110 cm. For ease of use, if you have toddlers in the family, a second handrail can be installed below, which will be convenient for them to handle.

Fillings are optional elements in Brisbane internal handrails. The gap between the support columns is 50-60 cm. If you have no toddler in the house, this gap has nothing. But usually, pieces of glass, plastic, or steel are installed at intervals.

The bars as the main structural elements of the internal handrails are made of different materials such as wood, glass or metals. Handrails are made of different materials like metal, wood, and plastic. About fillings glass, plastic, rope or fabrics are used.

The material of Brisbane internal handrails

Brisbane internal handrails are made of many materials.

Wooden handrails

Wood has been used for making stair railings for a long time. This is good because wood is coordinated with any style. It is produced with different carvings, patterns – for the interior in a classic style. There is also the opportunity to design, paint and varnish wood in different ways.

Metal handrails 

The metal railings are more diverse than other types of Brisbane internal handrails. There are three kinds of metal internal handrails. The material of Brisbane internal handrails is steel, wrought iron or galvanized steel.

Glass handrails 

A glass railing is one of the products that is made of strong glass and is used as a reliable protector as well as a beautiful decorative element in the interior of the building. Unlike other types of Brisbane internal handrails, glass handrails are usually installed as plates and cover the entire side space of the staircase. The price of glass handrails is expensive due to the need for high quality and strength, and therefore its use is not yet common. Glass railings do not differ much in appearance, and the only difference is the designs that are created on this model of railings, but the beauty of the glass fence can be added by installing a label.