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About US

 AMG Fabrication is based in Brisbane, QLD. Our services cover all Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Our provision is to provide high-quality and cost-effective metal fabrication services.

01. Honesty

We established our business on honesty. So, we assure you to provide high-quality services with cost-effective results.

We put all our effort to satisfy you with our durable services because we value your time and money. 

02. Safety

We follow Australian standards and safety regulations in the process of our work and finished results.

We provide you with high-quality Australian material and services to provide you safe results to enjoy.


03. Profesional

Our highly-skilled team is ready to provide you the best services resulting of their expertise, experience and knowledge in welding and metal fabrication.

We offer you clean, safe, professional finished results for your residential and commercial projects.


What is the main difference between galvanised and stainless steel?

Galvanised steel has a layer of zinc coating that protects steel from moisture and oxygen. Generally, it is less expensive than stainless steel. It is also easier to manipulate but stainless steel is stronger.

What are the standard dimensions of a handrail?
  • The height of a handrail above the floor or the nosing of a stair tread is between 900mm and 1100mm.
  • In circular metal handrails, external diameter is 30mm to 65mm.
  • In square or rectangular handrails, the sum of height and width is 70 mm to 100mm.
  • Unrestricted movement of the user’s hand along the upper surface is with a minimum hand clearance of 50mm, with no sharp edges or other features that could cause injury to the user.

Founder of AMG Fabrication




With two decades of experience in welding, I established this business to offer the best welding and metal fabrication solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

No project is small or big for me and my team to handle. We are ready to offer our wide range of metal fabrication services tailored to your projects in the highest quality and the most affordable cost.

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