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Our specialty is to provide the best solutions for handrails on stairs. Our wide range of material and styles include Stainless steel, Aluminium and Steel Galvanised Handrails. We provide our services for your internal and external of your home and your commercial buildings.

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Types of Handrails

AMG Fabrication provides Handrail styles guide suitable for your building requirements and your preferences. Our experienced specialists assist you to choose the best handrail solution that you enjoy and rely on for a lifetime. You can choose from:

Stainless Steel

We offer you free consultation and quoting services and after you choose the style that you fancy suiting your requirements, we provide stainless steel materials for your project. Our expert installers will take care of handrail installation and we assure you of providing clean and stylish handrail solutions for your indoor or outdoor projects and you will be satisfied with the results for a lifetime duration.


Aluminium Handrails are easy, stylish, and cost-effective handrail solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion and it is well retained with minimal maintenance in dry conditions. So, its durability is quite reliable.

It also easily adjustable on site which save time and money in manufacturing if any errors were made in initial measurements.

Galvanised Steel

It is steel hot-dipped in a zinc coating solution. The privilege of this coating is the additional protection against corrosion and surface scratches. Apart from the modern look of this product, it is durable in hard weather conditions like coastal weather, and it is resistant to heat up to 200° C. The level of galvanisation of steel measures by ‘weight per surface area’ of the zinc.

Galvanised Steel is used in variety of heavy-duty industries especially for marine applications because of its durability, resistance, and cost-effective results. It is also recyclable that makes this product earth friendly.

Galvanised Steel handrails can be a suitable option for your project because it is cost-effective; durable and resistant in coastal and hot weather conditions; it is easy to maintain and to clean.

Our experts offer you free consultation and quoting across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast!

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